Mirror, Mirror

A few thoughts on a Friday about using mirrors in your decor.



I love when mirrors are hung over windows in bathrooms.  The natural lighting is great and it creates such interest to the room.  This very ornate pair of bone-inlaid wooden mirrors are just gorgeous.  The industrial sconces contrast the mirrors nicely, while the bamboo vanity is the perfect compliment.



You can never go wrong with a fun, colorful mirror in a mostly neutral space.  Try not to shy away from color or texture with your accessories.  It can really dress up your walls.



Also, play with the placement of the mirror on the wall and consider all the options.  One way to fill an entire wall is to hang the mirror horizontally like I did here in our Orange & Aqua Nursery.  This IKEA mirror is also a good example of mixing high and low decor in your spaces to stay on budget.


Happy Weekend!  It’s finally here!


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Welcome to Your Week {22}

Welcome to your week!  Another great entrance for you today, but the exterior lighting on this home is taking center stage over the doors.  The Baxter Wall from Urban Electric Co. has a very clean and modern design.  Isn’t it just fabulous?


The color combination of the Baxter Wall shown here is a Seashell White Powder Coat with Phillipsburg Blue and Clear Glass.


I am going to be sharing some other great choices when it comes to exterior lighting soon, so stay tuned!  Have you used any lighting on your own exterior that you have loved?

Dining in Dallas

If you live here in Dallas or if you are planning a visit, here are a few of my current favorite spots that you should consider trying!


1. FT-33 //  A few items on the menu worth tasting: Lamb Tartare, Ricotta and Summer Squash Agnolotti, and the Goat Cheese Tart.  I also love the restaurant’s restrained industrial design.



2. La Duni // This is the perfect neighborhood lunch spot.  Make sure to order their Crispy Rice Salad.



3. Lucia //  When you dine here, it feels like you are in a sleepy restaurant in Tuscany.  The simple rustic design elements add to that feeling, but the real focus here is the delicious food.  Try the Foie Gras Stuffed Prunes and the Gnocchi.


4. Velvet Taco //  Their breakfast tacos are a weekend staple in our home.  They are packed all hours of the day and night.  Love the custom art of the front facade.


5.  Victor Tangos // Favorite cocktail in Dallas: Victor Tangos’ French 75.



What are some of your favorite spots?  I’d love for you to share!

FEED USA + Target

Target has been known to partner with many great designers and these collaborations are always highly anticipated.  Their most recent collaboration with FEED, which became available in stores and online on June 30th, is by far their most meaningful yet.  They are hoping to be able to provide 10 million meals to Americans through this lifestyle collection.  Each item has a number on it that signifies the amount of meals provided to children and families across America through your purchase of it.  The line of goods has a very Americana feel and supporting this cause might be the perfect way to celebrate Independence Day this week.




Both your art and the frame can bring interest to your walls.  There are so many approaches to help you make a statement with your art, no matter the size.  Loving this thin gold frame + Michelle Armas Ochi Print + over-sized mat.  This is a great way to frame a smaller print to create an even bigger impact on your walls.  The varying widths of the frame, mat, and print work so well together.



This gallery wall is another good example of smaller prints contained with larger mats in narrow gold frames.  The prints and mats vary in size and compliment the random arrangement of the frames nicely.  There still is a sense of uniformity with the actual frame sizes and the gold trim.



The grouping of prints used in our Traditional Comfort home highlights how to fill a wall with just the right amount of frames.



There are so many other elements of this room to talk about, but the simple gold frame makes a perfect statement for this incredible space.  It also highlights how simple your decor for your mantel can be.  Oh, how I love this space.



I also had to share this photo because I like the linear arrangement of the photos along the entire length of the wall.  It might be a fun and different way to display a series of prints.


Have you tackled any framing projects recently?  Please share!

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Welcome to Your Week {21}

Welcome to your week!  Since Summer is in full swing, I thought I would share some great back door entrances that lead to some pretty fabulous outdoor spaces.  In our home, we enter through our back door much more often than our front.  We love making each entrance have the same inviting and welcoming feel for our guests and our family.


This kitchen cottage addition offers a great view of the patio directly off the kitchen.  It would lend itself perfectly to entertaining guests.

The French doors of this very tropical entrance are painted to match one of the old tiles found on the outside of this home.  The vibrant color mixes so well with the lush landscaping and creates a bright and fun entrance.  I’m especially loving the large succulents to the right of the doors.

This last patio is incredible, isn’t it?  From the doors to the shutters to the beams and tiled patio–it’s perfect!


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Links to Love


A few links to love on a Friday…


These striped juice popsicles are amazing!  Another option for mix and match popsicles that looks equally delicious!

– Sneak Peek into Southern Living’s Nashville Idea House!  The house officially opens for touring on June 29th.

– A sweet + modern throw blanket that would be perfect for any nursery or kid room.

-The exterior of this Italian country manor is to die for!  The ivy on the pool house is just incredible.  Easily one of my favorite pins this week.


Happy Weekend!

Entertaining on the 4th

Whether you are thinking of a small gathering or an elaborate party for the 4th of July, it always helps to have some inspiration!


The fourth is a great time for eating outdoors in a casual setting.  This paper table cloth with hand drawn table settings is the perfect option.  The cloth napkins are a nice touch, but you could do yourself a favor and use a patriotic paper napkin to make life simple.  The potted plants make a lovely centerpiece for the table.



This tablecloth has just the right amount of red + blue and could be used all Summer long.  These disposable wooden utensils are also so fun for any party.



I’m convinced that a good portion of how anything tastes can be attributed to it’s presentation.  You can dress up simple recipes and have your guests coming back for seconds.  It’s all in the little details!



These fresh fruit cones would be so easy and are so, so pretty.



For my husband’s 30th a few years back, we individually wrapped the sandwiches in parchment paper and tied them up with twine.  It was a little bit time consuming, but completely worth it in the end.


I loved the idea of displaying some sparklers for guests to use after dark and it could also be used as a centerpiece.



Doesn’t this ice cream bar look delightful?  Or this amazing Blueberry Ice Cream Pie with a brown sugar-almond crust?  YUM!  Both would be a fun addition to any dinner.



Here’s to a great 4th!


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Designing the Mantel

When deciding on what to place on your mantel, try not to over think it.  There is such beauty in simplicity.  A few carefully chosen items can provide the perfect vignette and make just the right statement.  It’s always a fun place to change things up a bit, with the seasons or even just your mood.  Here a few examples to get you thinking:


Our client’s Traditional Comfort office displays how simple, yet striking your mantel display can be with the right artwork + a few simple accessories.

Here is an example of simple artwork + symmetrical accessories.  This works well because of the architectural detailing around the mantel and the styling of the accessories within the built in bookcases.

I love the sconces above this fireplace and the layering of the accessories on this mantel.  A mirror is always a great choice and pairs nicely with the smaller painting leaning up against it.

Another example of great artwork + simple white vases.  I really love the size of the vases and the placement.

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Dallas Architecture Forum: Turtle Creek Pump House

On Tuesday, we had the pleasure of attending the Dallas Architecture Forum‘s 365 Modern Living house tour series at the Turtle Creek Pump House.  It was a fantastic evening in an inspiring location.  The Pump House was originally the source of drinking water for Highland Park until the mid 1900s.  It was brought back to life by Cunningham Architects and interior designer, Emily Summers.

The renovation team paid close attention to maintaining the original character of this historic building, while creating a space for the clients’ private art gallery.  The original waterworks plant machinery were preserved and stand as their own works of art.  My personal favorite was the pump pictured above which was surrounded in glass.

The exterior gardens appealed to the same aesthetics as the interiors and echoed the water theme throughout.  I could have spent hours in the courtyard of pavers and grass, well, only if the heat had backed off a little bit.  Thanks to the Dallas Architecture Forum for such a wonderful evening!