Welcome to Your Week {11}

Rustic wood doors open poolside in this guest cottage in Brazil.  This beautiful retreat was designed by Jan Eleni as a vacation home for her family.  I’m loving the architecture and open living in Casa Lola, which is named after the designer’s daughter.  I’m not sure about you, but this rental property has me welcoming the idea of a trip to Brazil!

Jan Eleni also makes the most lovely collages from your children’s artwork.  What a fabulous way to archive all of your budding artist’s masterpieces!

images via Remodelista and Jan Eleni

Welcome to Your Week {10}

The weekend flew by a little too fast for me and I’m not sure if I’m ready for it to be Monday again.  Hoping a little inspiration can get me going today!  Loving these front doors and the view from the inside of this home from Redmond Aldrich Design.

The nail head and color of the bedroom doors in this home are also making this Monday not seem so bad.  Oh, and how much do you love those chairs?  Wishing you all a week full of inspiration!

John Robshaw for Duralee

John Robshaw‘s new fabric collection for Duralee contains all the favorite elements of his global style.  The collection is inspired by his travels and is a four color book set.  I’m loving the richness of the patterns and colors in these new fabrics.

I am always fascinated by the creative mind and enjoyed hearing from the designer himself about how he was inspired to create this line.  Hope you enjoy it as well!


What I See…

…the perfect Calacatta slab at IMC.  Gorgeous!  Have you ever been confused by the difference between Carrara and Calacatta marble?  This article does an excellent job of pointing out the differences in the color and veining of the two marbles.


{What I See…is a small view into what my eyes see as a designer, wife, and new mom!}

Pretty Pastels

This piece from Anne Harper is pretty, isn’t it?  Loving all the pastels and the composition.  Looking forward to celebrating this weekend surrounded by loved ones.  Happy Easter to all of you!


Before I sign off for the weekend, here are a few bits of goodness from around the web:

-A guide to “pinning” politely.

-How to DIY your chairs for a more custom feel.

-Do you read Simple Lovely?  Joslyn is inspiring and all sorts of awesome.  I am in favor of the idea of single-tasking.  I think I will unplug for the weekend and try to be even more present.

Happy {Easter} Weekend!

Welcome to Your Week {08}

Welcome to your week!  I finally made it through April’s issue of House Beautiful this past weekend and enjoyed perusing all the interior eye candy.  I especially loved Lynn Morgan’s Savannah row house.

While I loved the interior of this beautiful home, this little backyard garden really caught my eye.  How wonderful is that almost hidden door into the courtyard?  I’m also sure it smells delightful back there with all the hydrangeas, jasmine, and orange trees!

Happy Monday!