Reader Request :: Making an Entrance

Reader Request: I would enjoy learning how to decorate a long entry way into a home with walls on both sides. I’d like to have ideas on what to put on walls or what kind of furniture would go best in an entry hallway. -Krista


The entry should always feel welcoming.  There are plenty of ways to accomplish this and there is no perfect answer.  This entry has a great feel with the console table opposite a bench.  If you have enough space, I think this could be a great option for a long entry.  I like the idea of having seating, along with a case piece.  A mirror is also a great touch to any entry.  The addition of the rug and accessories keeps everything very comfortable.  I think lighting is also be a great way to add style to any entrance and definitely something to consider.



There are so many options for what to place on the walls to add interest to the space.  Artwork arranged in a symmetrical grouping is one great option.  I love this low console and how the frames fill the remainder of the wall space.


This entry has both a bench and console on a single wall and it works well.  I love the simplicity of the artwork above each piece.  The lantern is inviting and is such a great touch.



Make sure to utilize the space underneath your console and possibly add a couple stools or baskets for a layering effect.  Two fabulous lamps can also be included to create the perfect vignette.


I love a dramatic mirror! Whether the drama comes from the style or the size, it can really enhance a space.  Wallpaper is also a way to make boring walls a bit more bold!


Here you can see a bit of everything–console + bench, mirror + scattered artwork, use of space under the console, and a statement light.  Take your pick and make it yours!  You want your space to reflect you and your lifestyle, so choose accordingly.


Thanks, Krista, for such a fun design question!

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