Designing the Mantel

When deciding on what to place on your mantel, try not to over think it.  There is such beauty in simplicity.  A few carefully chosen items can provide the perfect vignette and make just the right statement.  It’s always a fun place to change things up a bit, with the seasons or even just your mood.  Here a few examples to get you thinking:


Our client’s Traditional Comfort office displays how simple, yet striking your mantel display can be with the right artwork + a few simple accessories.

Here is an example of simple artwork + symmetrical accessories.  This works well because of the architectural detailing around the mantel and the styling of the accessories within the built in bookcases.

I love the sconces above this fireplace and the layering of the accessories on this mantel.  A mirror is always a great choice and pairs nicely with the smaller painting leaning up against it.

Another example of great artwork + simple white vases.  I really love the size of the vases and the placement.

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