Mirror, Mirror

A few thoughts on a Friday about using mirrors in your decor.



I love when mirrors are hung over windows in bathrooms.  The natural lighting is great and it creates such interest to the room.  This very ornate pair of bone-inlaid wooden mirrors are just gorgeous.  The industrial sconces contrast the mirrors nicely, while the bamboo vanity is the perfect compliment.



You can never go wrong with a fun, colorful mirror in a mostly neutral space.  Try not to shy away from color or texture with your accessories.  It can really dress up your walls.



Also, play with the placement of the mirror on the wall and consider all the options.  One way to fill an entire wall is to hang the mirror horizontally like I did here in our Orange & Aqua Nursery.  This IKEA mirror is also a good example of mixing high and low decor in your spaces to stay on budget.


Happy Weekend!  It’s finally here!


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