Both your art and the frame can bring interest to your walls.  There are so many approaches to help you make a statement with your art, no matter the size.  Loving this thin gold frame + Michelle Armas Ochi Print + over-sized mat.  This is a great way to frame a smaller print to create an even bigger impact on your walls.  The varying widths of the frame, mat, and print work so well together.



This gallery wall is another good example of smaller prints contained with larger mats in narrow gold frames.  The prints and mats vary in size and compliment the random arrangement of the frames nicely.  There still is a sense of uniformity with the actual frame sizes and the gold trim.



The grouping of prints used in our Traditional Comfort home highlights how to fill a wall with just the right amount of frames.



There are so many other elements of this room to talk about, but the simple gold frame makes a perfect statement for this incredible space.  It also highlights how simple your decor for your mantel can be.  Oh, how I love this space.



I also had to share this photo because I like the linear arrangement of the photos along the entire length of the wall.  It might be a fun and different way to display a series of prints.


Have you tackled any framing projects recently?  Please share!

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Pretty Pastels

This piece from Anne Harper is pretty, isn’t it?  Loving all the pastels and the composition.  Looking forward to celebrating this weekend surrounded by loved ones.  Happy Easter to all of you!


Before I sign off for the weekend, here are a few bits of goodness from around the web:

-A guide to “pinning” politely.

-How to DIY your chairs for a more custom feel.

-Do you read Simple Lovely?  Joslyn is inspiring and all sorts of awesome.  I am in favor of the idea of single-tasking.  I think I will unplug for the weekend and try to be even more present.

Happy {Easter} Weekend!

Artist Kerry Vander Meer

How others use their creativity can be so inspiring and there is no end to the inspiration found in artist Kerry Vander Meer‘s process and her pieces.  This video gives you a view into her creative process and it is fascinating.  Her skills as a painter, a sculptor, and a print-maker (to name just a few) assist her in developing layers and layers of color, pattern, and texture in her art.  You could spend hours viewing all of the details within her paintings.


We have this piece from her Hidden Treasures series in our dining room at home and I constantly find myself walking out of my way, just to stare at it.  I love art that draws you in and all of Kerry Vander Meer‘s work seems to have that effect.


Brizo in Chicago

Brizo kindly hosted us for a weekend to tour their Chicago showroom last fall and it was beautiful.  I’ve long been a fan of Brizo for fixtures and faucets and their showroom definitely did not disappoint. Their new collection by Jason Wu was recently released and I can’t wait to incorporate it into a project!


I was able to really get a taste of the city and make a few stops at places I had missed on previous trips.  Tile is one of my great loves in design and I loved what I saw from Artistic Tile.


A cook’s dream at the Snaidero Showroom.


A trip to the Art Institute of Chicago and Jonathan Adler’s Shop rounded out the trip quite nicely. Chicago is one of my favorite cities to visit for a weekend of inspiration and I hope to find myself back there soon.


The Chicago skyline is pretty impressive, isn’t it?