Welcome to Your Week {22}

Welcome to your week!  Another great entrance for you today, but the exterior lighting on this home is taking center stage over the doors.  The Baxter Wall from Urban Electric Co. has a very clean and modern design.  Isn’t it just fabulous?


The color combination of the Baxter Wall shown here is a Seashell White Powder Coat with Phillipsburg Blue and Clear Glass.


I am going to be sharing some other great choices when it comes to exterior lighting soon, so stay tuned!  Have you used any lighting on your own exterior that you have loved?

Welcome to Your Week {21}

Welcome to your week!  Since Summer is in full swing, I thought I would share some great back door entrances that lead to some pretty fabulous outdoor spaces.  In our home, we enter through our back door much more often than our front.  We love making each entrance have the same inviting and welcoming feel for our guests and our family.


This kitchen cottage addition offers a great view of the patio directly off the kitchen.  It would lend itself perfectly to entertaining guests.

The French doors of this very tropical entrance are painted to match one of the old tiles found on the outside of this home.  The vibrant color mixes so well with the lush landscaping and creates a bright and fun entrance.  I’m especially loving the large succulents to the right of the doors.

This last patio is incredible, isn’t it?  From the doors to the shutters to the beams and tiled patio–it’s perfect!


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Gold Coast + a Jazz Festival

On our long walk near the Public hotel, we wandered around the historic Gold Coast neighborhood and even happened upon a Jazz Festival in Lincoln Park.  I love Chicago, as I have mentioned before, and all it has to offer.  The architecture in this area is stunning and made for a lovely stroll through the city.

While it may seem like I am still on vacation with all these travel posts, we are definitely back in the studio!  Excited to share some of the projects we are working on with you soon.

Welcome to Your Week {12}

It has been a little while since we welcomed in the week together, so I thought we would go with a painted door this week.  The color of this door is Benjamin Moore’s Wythe Blue, which happens to be their Color of the Year for 2012.  I think the color on the door and shutters adds so much to the exterior of this beautiful home.  This particular shade has such a calming effect.  What are some of your favorite colors for front doors?

images via House of Turquoise via Hiya Papaya