Both your art and the frame can bring interest to your walls.  There are so many approaches to help you make a statement with your art, no matter the size.  Loving this thin gold frame + Michelle Armas Ochi Print + over-sized mat.  This is a great way to frame a smaller print to create an even bigger impact on your walls.  The varying widths of the frame, mat, and print work so well together.



This gallery wall is another good example of smaller prints contained with larger mats in narrow gold frames.  The prints and mats vary in size and compliment the random arrangement of the frames nicely.  There still is a sense of uniformity with the actual frame sizes and the gold trim.



The grouping of prints used in our Traditional Comfort home highlights how to fill a wall with just the right amount of frames.



There are so many other elements of this room to talk about, but the simple gold frame makes a perfect statement for this incredible space.  It also highlights how simple your decor for your mantel can be.  Oh, how I love this space.



I also had to share this photo because I like the linear arrangement of the photos along the entire length of the wall.  It might be a fun and different way to display a series of prints.


Have you tackled any framing projects recently?  Please share!

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Links to Love


A few links to love on a Friday…


These striped juice popsicles are amazing!  Another option for mix and match popsicles that looks equally delicious!

– Sneak Peek into Southern Living’s Nashville Idea House!  The house officially opens for touring on June 29th.

– A sweet + modern throw blanket that would be perfect for any nursery or kid room.

-The exterior of this Italian country manor is to die for!  The ivy on the pool house is just incredible.  Easily one of my favorite pins this week.


Happy Weekend!

Entertaining on the 4th

Whether you are thinking of a small gathering or an elaborate party for the 4th of July, it always helps to have some inspiration!


The fourth is a great time for eating outdoors in a casual setting.  This paper table cloth with hand drawn table settings is the perfect option.  The cloth napkins are a nice touch, but you could do yourself a favor and use a patriotic paper napkin to make life simple.  The potted plants make a lovely centerpiece for the table.



This tablecloth has just the right amount of red + blue and could be used all Summer long.  These disposable wooden utensils are also so fun for any party.



I’m convinced that a good portion of how anything tastes can be attributed to it’s presentation.  You can dress up simple recipes and have your guests coming back for seconds.  It’s all in the little details!



These fresh fruit cones would be so easy and are so, so pretty.



For my husband’s 30th a few years back, we individually wrapped the sandwiches in parchment paper and tied them up with twine.  It was a little bit time consuming, but completely worth it in the end.


I loved the idea of displaying some sparklers for guests to use after dark and it could also be used as a centerpiece.



Doesn’t this ice cream bar look delightful?  Or this amazing Blueberry Ice Cream Pie with a brown sugar-almond crust?  YUM!  Both would be a fun addition to any dinner.



Here’s to a great 4th!


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Designing the Mantel

When deciding on what to place on your mantel, try not to over think it.  There is such beauty in simplicity.  A few carefully chosen items can provide the perfect vignette and make just the right statement.  It’s always a fun place to change things up a bit, with the seasons or even just your mood.  Here a few examples to get you thinking:


Our client’s Traditional Comfort office displays how simple, yet striking your mantel display can be with the right artwork + a few simple accessories.

Here is an example of simple artwork + symmetrical accessories.  This works well because of the architectural detailing around the mantel and the styling of the accessories within the built in bookcases.

I love the sconces above this fireplace and the layering of the accessories on this mantel.  A mirror is always a great choice and pairs nicely with the smaller painting leaning up against it.

Another example of great artwork + simple white vases.  I really love the size of the vases and the placement.

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Something I Loved This Week.

Something new that caught my eye this week.

Mary McDonald has created a collection for Schumacher and it is full of the most luxurious textiles.  I’m loving the textures and modern twist on traditional designs.

Something that inspired me this week.

Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, & liking how you do it.  I think this could be the most honest interpretation of success and applies to all areas in our lives.  Such wise words, Dr. Angelou.  Thank you for them.

Happy Weekend!  It’s finally here!

Recent Favorites :: Tile

Tile can create a focal point in a bathroom or kitchen and is one of my favorite elements to design in these rooms.  It is a great way to add texture, color, and depth to a space.  I have been wanting to share a few tiles that I’m loving from recent projects and one that I am looking forward to using.

Walker Zanger :: Waterfall Mosaic Collection, Rain pattern, Woodridge/Pearl Blend

This mosaic tile is beautiful and helps to create such a serene feeling in this master bathroom.  The tiles are a combination of slate and iridescent glass.

Ann Sacks :: Idris 4×8 field tile in Grey Chine

I love the color and finish on this terra cotta tile from Ann Sacks.

New Ravenna ::  Pandora in Jewel Glass + Honeycomb in Stone

I have not had the pleasure of using any New Ravenna tile yet, but every tile they make is absolutely gorgeous.

Lighting with Lanterns

I thought it was about time for an inspiration post.  Great lighting has such an impact on a space and I’m loving all the lanterns I keep seeing everywhere.  The kitchen may seem like an unexpected place for two lanterns, which makes it all the more inviting.

A lantern in the entry way is always a perfect fit, but try playing with the scale or shape.

Lanterns can also be painted to compliment the room’s color scheme.

Don’t be afraid to group them and create an even more impressive lighting display.

A lantern in a guestroom can bring an element of charm to the space.

Even simple lanterns in the right color can be all you need.


Tomorrow I will share some of my favorite lanterns at the current moment.  Stay tuned!


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Red Hawk Preview

We recently finished up the Red Hawk model home with the amazing Holmes Builders.  I’ve been so excited to share this little teaser of what we have been working on with you.


The model is now open and would be the perfect place to stop if you are out and about this weekend.  It is located at 122 Blackburn Drive in Coppell.  Here is a map to help you find it.  If you do make it out there, I’d love to hear what you think!